Everything You Need To Know About Hosting A Twin Baby Shower

twin baby shower

If you’re hosting a twin baby shower, you are in for double the fun! You may wonder when to hold a twin-baby shower, what theme to use, and what gifts to get for twins. We will guide you through everything you need about hosting a twin baby shower!

Twin Baby Shower Themes

If you are hosting a twin baby shower, you may be looking for baby shower theme ideas. Keep reading to discover our baby shower theme recommendations.

twin baby shower
There are a ton of adorable twin themes you can use for your shower, or you can just stick with a classic, “It’s Twins!”

Taco Twosday

Host a Taco Twosday fiesta! The shower can feature Mexican food, piñatas, and cacti. You can find decoration ideas on Amazon and Etsy and also use mini piñatas as cake toppers!

Oh, Babies!

This theme is fun and flexible. You can put your spin on this theme for party decor. It also makes for an excellent gender-neutral baby shower idea if you need to know the babies’ genders!

This is a simple spin on a “Oh, Baby” shower theme. Finding cake toppers and party decor may be a bit more challenging for “Oh, Babies,” but you can create DIY decor like table centerpieces, back drops, and banners. Cakes can also double as both dessert and a delightful centerpiece, so you can always request a cake decorated to fit this theme.

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Double Trouble

The double trouble theme is also flexible, allowing you to use colors you would like. For centerpieces, you could use gold banners with greenery or choose blues and pinks.

Twin Girls Baby Shower Ideas

If you know that both babies are girls, here are a few specific twin-girl baby shower theme ideas:

  • Tea For Two: Host a baby shower with a tea party theme!
  • Little Princesses: Use a princess theme and include tiaras and tutus galore!
twin baby shower
For a twin-girl baby shower, you can’t go wrong with using lots of adorable pink colors!

Twin Boys Baby Shower Ideas

If both babies are boys, here are a few specific twin-boy baby shower theme ideas:

  • Noah’s Ark: This is a fun theme that could incorporate a blue color palette and lots of stuffed animals!
  • Two Peas In A Pod: Use green colors and feature pea pods on the invitation.

What Are Some Baby Shower Games for Twins?

Baby shower games are an essential part of every baby shower. Here are some of the top twin baby shower games:

Diaper Raffle

Help the Mom-to-be stock up on diapers for her little cuties! On the invitations, tell guests to bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a raffle. Each guest that brings diapers gets entered for a prize! This game is simple and easy for the guests but is super helpful to the twin parents!

Double Diaper Challenge

For this game, you will be testing the diapering skills of your guests! Each guest will need a cloth diaper, safety pins, and a doll for this game. Pair up the guests and instruct them to diaper the doll with only ONE hand! The mom-to-be gets to decide the winner based on which pair did the best diapering job with one hand. This game puts guests in the shoes of the future twin mama!

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When Should You Have a Baby Shower with Twins?

It’s common for twins to be born early. Try to schedule the baby shower when Mom-to-be is around the 25-30 week mark.

It’s essential to be flexible and understanding as the host! There may be changes to plans if the Mom-to-be goes into labor early or is on bedrest. You can always plan a shower for after the twins are born if things don’t go as planned.

twin baby shower
Twins often arrive early, so be sure to plan the baby shower a little earlier in the pregnancy as well.

What Do You Call a Baby Shower for Twins?

You don’t necessarily need a unique name for a baby shower for twins. However, if you want bonus points for creativity, here are some ideas for wording for a baby shower for twins:

  • Good things come in pairs
  • Double trouble, but twice the fun
  • Twice the love
  • It’s a boy and a girl
  • Susan’s having twins (insert the name of the Mom-to-be)
  • Two peas in a pod
  • Double the joy
  • Adorable Twins

What Is a Good Gift for Twins?

As the host of a baby shower, it’s a great idea to include a registry for the twin-Mom-to-be on the invitations. If anyone needs specific ideas for gifts for twins, here are some ideas:

  • Double stroller
  • Twin nursing pillow
  • A set of Bumbo seats
  • Diapers
  • Children’s books for twins

You can also find adorable gifts like matching onesies at online retailers like Etsy.

Who Should You Invite to a Twin Baby Shower?

One part of hosting a baby shower is sending out invitations. You should talk with the Mom-to-be to determine who she would like to include at her baby shower before you send out twin baby shower invitations. Many people invite family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones. But the guest list is ultimately up to you and the Mom-to-be!

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For more baby shower hosting help, check out our guide to arranging baby shower table decor.


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