7 Unisex Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Love

unisex baby shower prizes

Keeping guests entertained at a baby shower can be challenging. In order to keep people having fun, hosts will often plan a number of baby shower games. These fun games are typically light-hearted and intended for fun more than competition.

Still, you certainly want guests to be excited about participating in your baby shower games. Which is why it is a great idea to have fun baby shower prizes for the winners! Be sure to check out these great ideas for unisex baby shower prizes that both male and female guests will love.

What Prizes Do You Give at Baby Showers?

It will depend on the crowd joining you on your big day. Here are some quick baby shower game prize ideas you can get inspiration from:

  • Gift certificates: Select your preferred brand or any brand you think the group will like. You can also go for those within your budget if you’re concerned about cost.
  • Gift basket of toiletries and sanitizers: A basket filled with natural, organic products, such as lotion, shampoo, cologne, and wipes, can be a hit for the guests if you choose the right brands.
  • Scented candles: Candles make for great prizes and wonderful pampering gifts for the guests, especially if you’re throwing a party for an upcoming baby girl.
  • Gift sets: Gift sets are great because you can customize them. Curate your own or get inspiration from websites.
  • DIY kits: For the crafty crowd, give DIYs kits like paint or mini sculpture sets. It’s a bonus if you can make these in line with your baby shower theme.
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What Are Some Unisex Baby Shower Prizes?

Here are some of our top picks for the best unisex baby shower door prizes:

1. Gift Card

Give your guests gift cards to use at their favorite stores. This is a great way to let them pick out something they know they will love and use.

unisex baby shower prizes
If you’re not sure what to get for your game prizes, you can never go wrong with gift cards.


Give a free dinner at the crowd’s favorite restaurant. It’s like having an extended celebration courtesy of you and your other sponsors.


Let your guests choose their gifts with a gift card from Amazon. It’s versatile and practical for you and the shower game-winner.


A Target gift card is also a great option that works similarly to the Amazon gift card.

2. Gift Bags

Fill the gift bags with items that many people use and those that you think will make great unisex or co-ed baby shower prizes. You may combine the above ideas or go for something that aligns with the theme.

unisex baby shower prizes
Gift sets are a great way to combine some smaller prizes into a larger one that everyone will want!


Send your guests home with a food basket or gift box (with a gift tag, if you like) filled with filling snacks and beverages they can munch on long after the party ends.

Fancy Condiments

Gift your guests a selection of fancy condiments such as sauces, jam, honey, or spreads. This is a great way to let your guests enjoy and indulge in something that’s not their usual routine.


Send your guests home with a packet of toiletries and other related stuff, including body wash, bath salts, shampoo, and lotion. Choose something with a light scent that a lot of people love. Even lip balms are great choices.

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3. Tumblers

Give each of your guests a stylish and reusable tumbler. If you can afford the double-walled ones, it’s better as these can retain heat and cold longer.

4. Lottery Tickets

Create your very own lottery tickets and distribute them among your guests. Prepare first, second, and third diaper raffle prizes that they can look forward to taking home if they get lucky.

5. Goodies

Put together a basket of yummy snacks for the participants that are nutritious and free of artificial ingredients. These don’t necessarily have to be healthy, so candy bars and cupcakes are great additions.

6. Bottle of Wine

Who wouldn’t love a bottle of fine wine? This is a great way to thank your guests for sharing this special day. Either go for something you prefer or do a little research to know what the majority likes.

7. Succulent

Give everyone a low-maintenance succulent as their prize. This is an excellent baby shower decoration related to the event. Its symbolism of growing, thriving, and prosperous will also make it the perfect present for the occasion.

unisex baby shower prizes
Succulents are a great game prize and you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do You Have to Give out Prizes for Baby Shower Games?

As a mom-to-be, it is not mandatory to give out baby shower game prizes at baby shower games. However, showing your guests that you appreciate their presence and participation is always lovely.

Alternatively, you may give your baby shower favors or baby shower party favors to the guests if you’re uncomfortable with having games. These are great ways to show your guests you appreciate them just the same.

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How Many Baby Shower Prizes Should You Have?

It depends on how many people will be attending your shower. You should have at least one or two prizes for each game you’ll be hosting, plus a few extra, just in case. It’s also a good idea to have small prizes as consolation baby shower gifts for those who don’t win any of the main prizes.

Now that you have your prize ideas, don’t forget to plan your games! Here are five coed baby shower games to consider!


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