6 Great Baby Shower Games For Men

baby shower games for men

If you’re hosting a man or co-ed baby shower, you may be looking for ways to include the Dad-to-be. One great way to incorporate the Dad-to-be is to play baby shower games. Keep reading for best baby shower game ideas for men!

What Are the Best Baby Shower Games for Men?

Believe it or not, there are fun baby shower games that men will enjoy! Here are some unique baby shower games for men and parents-to-be.

Baby Bottle Chug

This game is a fun way to kick off a party! This game is a great icebreaker to get people laughing right away. The first person to finish the bottle is the winner!

Supplies needed: Baby bottles and a beverage of your choice. Beer is a popular choice for this game!

Prep before the party: Before the party, purchase baby bottles and fill them with the beverage of your choice.

How to play: 

  1. Have guests race to finish their bottles. No unscrewing of the bottle caps! 
  2. The first person to finish wins.
baby shower games for men
A baby bottle chugging competition is sure to keep your guests laughing!

Dirty Diaper Game

The dirty diaper game is fun for a co-ed shower or a man shower! Put your knowledge of candy bars to the test!

Supplies needed: Five diapers, five different candy bars, and pens/paper for guests to record their guesses.

Prep before the party: Before the party, purchase diapers and candy bars. Try to pick a variety of candy bars, such as ones with nuts, caramel, etc. Before the party begins, add a candy bar to each diaper and heat in the microwave until the chocolate melts. Then smush up the candy bar in the diaper. Keep the diaper open, so it doesn’t get stuck shut.

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How to play: 

  1. Pass around the diapers with the melted candy bars. 
  2. Have guests guess which candy bar is in each diaper. 
  3. The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins!

Price is Right

Put your guests to the test with this game! Can your guests guess the prices of popular baby items? This game is a printable baby shower game.

Supplies needed: Price is right printable and pens.

Prep before the party: Find reasonably priced printables online and print them for guests. Also, do your research and record the prices of each item on the printable. For example, look up a package of baby wipes on Amazon and record the cost.

How to play:

  1. Hand out the printable.
  2. Tell your guests where you “shopped” (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) so they know where to guess prices.
  3. Have guests record their best guesses for the everyday baby items.
  4. The first player to guess the most correct prices is the winner.

Bottle or Diaper Pong

Play a game of pong using baby items, like bottles or diapers. Set up diapers on a poster board or set up bottles at the end of tables, like a traditional beer pong game.

Supplies needed: Diapers or bottles and balls.

Prep before the party: Before the party, purchase diapers or bottles and balls. Determine if you will play with bottles or diapers and allow time to set up.

How to play: 

  1. Start by dividing players into even groups. 
  2. Each group member throws two balls on their turn. 
  3. The player from each group with the highest score moves on to the next round.
  4. For the next round, each player will again throw two balls. 
  5. The two people with the highest score move to the next round.
  6. Each of the two finalists throws two balls. 
  7. The highest score wins! Whether you turn this into a drinking game or not is up to you!
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Diaper Changing Race

There’s nothing better than a game with team members and a relay!

Supplies needed: Baby dolls, diapers, wipes, baby powder.

Prep before the party: Gather the baby dolls, diapers, wipes, and baby powder.

How to play: 

  1. Split your guests into groups. 
  2. Set up the baby dolls, diapers, wipes, and baby powder. 
  3. Each team member has to take off the baby doll’s diaper, wipe and powder the baby, put a clean diaper on, and then race back and hand it off to the next person on their team. 
  4. The first team to have everyone change and diaper the baby doll wins!
baby shower games for men
Diaper changing games are a ton of fun, and you can add extra challenges like blindfolds!

Water Breaking Water Balloon Game

My water broke! This hilarious baby shower party game all guests are sure to love.

Supplies needed: Water balloons, two buckets, and outdoor space to play this game.

Prep before the party: Before the party, fill the water balloons with water. You will need enough water balloons and a few extras to fill each bucket.

How to play: 

  1. If your event is not outside, move your guest outside for this game. Have your guests split into teams of two. 
  2. The goal for this game is to get as many water balloons in the bucket as possible without breaking them. 
  3. The guests should line up and put a water balloon between their legs. 
  4. Then, they need to walk down to the next bucket and get the water balloon in it without using their hands! 
  5. The team with the most unbroken water balloons in their bucket is the winning team!
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You’re bound to hear somebody say, “My water broke!”

How Many Games Should be Played at a Baby Shower?

The number of games played at a traditional baby shower depends on how large the party is. You can expect to play anywhere from 2-5 games. Be sure to leave time for socializing, eating, and opening gifts!

What Do Guys Do for Baby Showers?

Man showers have become popular recently and for a good reason! Men also want to get together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby!

Typically, man showers look different than traditional baby showers. Some common man baby shower themes are “Huggies and Chuggies” and “Poker and Pampers.” Many man showers are casual, like meeting up for golf but bringing gifts. You could also opt for a weekend away with the guys to enjoy some downtime before the sleepless nights with a newborn baby begin!

For man showers, you can skip traditional things like baby shower favors and nursery rhymes.

baby shower games for men
A baby shower for men may be as simple as planning a round of golf with close friends.

How Should a Man Throw a Baby Shower?

Start by talking to the Dad-to-be and find out what he is interested in doing for a baby shower. He may opt for a co-ed baby shower, a day of golfing, or getting out of town for a weekend.

After you know what the Dad-to-be has in mind for his baby shower activities, you can figure out who to invite and send out baby shower invitations. As the host, your main job will be planning the day, inviting the shower guests, and taking care of the details of the day.

Now that you know the best baby shower games for men and co-ed baby shower games, you can throw a great baby shower, man shower, or co-ed baby shower. For more help, check out our guide on how to throw a co-ed baby shower.


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