Fun and Hilarious Diaper Games

diaper games

Baby shower games are a fun way to entertain guests. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for fun and hilarious diaper games! Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Some Games You Can Play with a Diaper?

Here are some of the top diaper games you can play to celebrate new parents!

The Dirty Diaper Game

This game is a fun way to get guests laughing and is a great icebreaker! The dirty diaper game is easy to play. If you have a dirty diaper, you are the winner!

How Do you Play the Dirty Diaper Game?

Before the start of the baby shower, squirt some mustard in one diaper. Then mix up the stack of diapers. When guests arrive at the shower, hand everyone a diaper. If the guests do not know each other, invite everyone to introduce themselves.

Then, guests can open their diapers. Whoever has the dirty diaper is the winner! This fun baby shower game doesn’t require much work for shower guests!

diaper games
To play the dirty diaper game, simply give everyone a diaper and the person who gets the dirty one is the winner!

Diaper the Ballon

Put guests to the test and task them with diapering a balloon with a blindfold! Can your guests diaper a balloon correctly without popping it?

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How Do you Play Diaper the Balloon Game?

Before the baby shower, blow up some balloons. You will also need cloth diapers and pins for this game. When it’s time to play this game, split your guests into teams. To get started, blindfold the first person. That individual will then try to correctly diaper the balloon without popping it. After that individual pops their balloon or struggles for a while, someone on the team can try it!

The team that can diaper a balloon first is the winner!

Diaper Derby

Who can design the best-looking diaper? Are your guests good at DIY projects? This funny baby shower game is a lot of fun!

How Do you Play Diaper Derby?

For this game, have shower guests pair up. Then instruct guests to use toilet paper to design a diaper on one teammate. Then set a timer and let guests start designing! The mom-to-be gets to pick who created the coolest diaper.

What’s in the Diaper Bag?

Can your guests guess what’s in the diaper bag? For this game, family members and loved ones at the baby shower get to guess what’s in the diaper bag!

How Do you Play What’s in the Diaper Bag?

Before the baby shower, pack a diaper bag with various items for a new baby. Include items that mommy would typically pack, like diapers, wipes, or a change of clothes. As you fill the diaper bag, list all the items you are putting in the diaper bag.

When it’s time to play this game, guests can feel the bag, see how heavy it is, and shake it up – but they can’t peek inside! Have guests use a piece of paper and a pen to record what they think is in the diaper bag. After guests have recorded their guesses, read your list of items in the bag out loud. Guests get 1 point for each item they got right! The person with the most points is the winner! The mom-to-be gets to keep the stuffed diaper bag as a bonus baby shower gift!

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diaper games
What’s in the Diaper Bag is a ton of fun, and it also doubles as a great gift for the new parents.

Diaper Pin Game

The diaper pin game is a simple baby shower game idea for guests to play throughout the baby shower. Can guests hold conversations at a baby shower without saying the word diaper?

How Do you Play the Diaper Pin Game?

At the start of the baby shower, give each guest a diaper pin. Guests need to hold the pin or pin it on their outfits. Throughout the shower, if a guest hears another guest say the word “diaper,” they get to steal her pin! The guest with the most diaper pins at the end of the shower wins!

Mystery Diaper

Can your guests guess what’s inside the diaper? This party game is sure to provide a ton of laughs!

How Do you Play Mystery Diaper?

Before the baby shower, you will need to take ten diapers (Pampers, Huggies, or any brand works) and place ten baby items inside the diapers. Use items like baby food, pacifiers, lotion, and bottles. Put one item inside each diaper and tape the diaper shut so that you can’t see what’s inside and so that the item does not fall out. Then label each diaper with a number and record what is in the diaper.

When it’s time to play this game, hand out a sheet of paper and pens to guests. The guests now play a guessing game and try to determine what item is inside the diaper. The person who has the most correct answers is the winner!

Speed Diapering

This game involves changing diapers quickly! You can choose to play this game as a relay or with individuals. Are your guests diaper-changing pros?

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How Do you Play Speed Diapering?

You will need diapers, wipes, and infant-sized dolls dressed in onesies for this game. If you want to play a relay, split guests into teams. Each team member must open the onesie, take the diaper off the baby doll, wipe the baby, put a new diaper on, and snap the onesie. For a relay, the team who has all team members diaper their baby correctly the quickest is the winner!

Pro Tip: This is an entertaining game at co-ed baby showers!

Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle is a great way to provide the parents-to-be with plenty of diapers! This baby shower activity is simple – guests bring diapers and are entered into a raffle.

diaper games
A diaper raffle is a great game that also allows the new parents to stock up on diapers before the baby is born.

How Do you Have a Diaper Raffle?

If you are interested in having a diaper raffle at your baby shower, you need to note this on the baby shower invitation. On the invitation, you could use this wording “bring a case of diapers to participate in a diaper raffle!”

When guests arrive at the shower, keep track of who brings a case of diapers to participate in the raffle. You can give them a raffle ticket or write their name on a piece of paper. Before the shower is over, draw a winner. The winner gets a prize just for bringing diapers!


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