Your How-To Guide for Baby Shower Trivia

baby shower trivia

Baby shower games and activities are a great way to keep the parents-to-be and their guests entertained during a shower party. There are a lot of great games to entertain your guest, but you can never go wrong with baby shower trivia!

Baby shower trivia is a fantastic icebreaker to get everyone interacting and laughing. It’s also an opportunity to learn new parenting hacks, tips, and tricks.

So, when planning for fun baby shower games, baby shower trivia should be at the top of the list.

baby shower trivia
Baby shower games are a ton of fun and are will be sure to keep your guests laughing!

What is baby shower trivia?

Baby shower trivia is a game that blends entertainment and learning by asking questions and scoring the players. 

Playing this game can help participants learn about pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and parenting. Trivia questions range from general knowledge to specific information quizzes, such as what common foods pregnant mothers should avoid during pregnancy. The guest who answers the most questions correctly wins.

The beauty of baby shower trivia is it works for both in-person and virtual baby showers. All you need are the following:

  • Interesting and fun questions.
  • A timer or device to keep track of the scores.
  • A few prizes for the winner(s).

How Do You Play Baby Shower Trivia?

Playing baby shower trivia is easy. All you need is a list of questions, a quiz master, and a scoring system.

Step 1: Before the baby shower, create a list of questions related to pregnancy, baby items, childbirth, and parenting. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources online where you can get free printable baby shower questions. You can customize your questions or ask your friends for help.

Step 2: Choose a quiz master to lead the game. A quiz master is responsible for asking questions and keeping track of time and scores.

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Step 3: Organize your guests in such a way that everyone gets a chance to participate. If your guest list is long, consider dividing the guests into teams to create an order and allow each invitee to participate.

Step 4: The quiz master leads the trivia and gives everyone a chance to answer. The team/person who answers correctly first gets the point. To ensure everyone has an equal chance at winning, it’s helpful to allocate a specific amount of time to each question.

Step 5: Once the quiz master asks all the questions, tally the scores and announce the winner(s).

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to playing baby shower trivia. You can get as creative and personalized as possible while creating a fun, engaging atmosphere for everyone.

However, you should follow a few rules for a fair and fun session.

  1. Make sure the trivia questions are appropriate for all guests.
  2. Decide on a prize for the winner and ensure everyone knows the award.
  3. Set a time limit for each question and ensure everyone adheres to it.
  4. Keep the questions light-hearted and entertaining.
  5. Make sure everyone has a chance to participate in the game.
  6. No googling answers.
  7. No talking during someone else’s turn.
baby shower trivia
Games like baby shower trivia or bingo give you an opportunity to create your own adorable game cards.

What Are Good Baby Shower Trivia Questions?

Good baby shower trivia questions revolve around babies, such as baby items, baby names, nursery rhymes, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

These questions can range from simple general knowledge to specific information quizzes.

Here are some examples of good baby shower trivia questions:

  1. What is the average pregnancy period for a human baby?
  2. When is the due date for the baby?
  3. What is the safest position for a baby to sleep?
  4. How many hours should a baby sleep in a day?
  5. How long does it take for a pregnant woman’s body to adjust after childbirth?
  6. What are some common signs of labor?
  7. What is the best way to burp a baby?
  8.  Name five items you should include in a new mom’s hospital bag.
  9. How did the parents-to-be meet?
  10. What color has the new parents chosen for the baby’s room?
  11. Are the parents-to-be expecting a baby boy or a baby girl?
  12. What are some of the best toys for babies under six months old?
  13. What does C-section mean?
  14. Name five parenting hacks that make life as a new mom easier.
  15. Name three ways to soothe a crying baby.
  16. Which baby products have been recalled in the past year?
  17. Who is the most celebrity baby?
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Here are more trivia questions and answers:

  1. Which is the first sense that a baby develops?
  2. Answer: The sense of touch
  3. How far does a newborn baby’s eye see?
  4. Answer: 8 to 12 inches away
  5. At what age does a baby start crawling?
  6. Answer: Six to ten months, but this varies from one baby to the other.
  7. When do babies get a permanent eye color?
  8. Answer: 9 months old, but differs from one baby to another
  9. How many months of age should you introduce the baby to solid foods?
  10. Answer: six months
  11. What was the birth weight of the heaviest baby?
  12. Answer: 10.2 kg (22 lb 8 oz)
  13. When does a baby’s umbilical cord stump fall off?
  14. Answer: Within one to three weeks after birth
  15. How often should babies be bathed?
  16. Answer: Two to three times a week
  17. At how many months of age does a baby have actual tears?
  18. Answer: Between one to three months
  19. What is a baby shower called in South Africa?
  20. Answer: Stork party
  21. When does a baby recognize its father’s voice?
  22. Answer: From 32 weeks gestation and immediately after birth
  23. When does a baby say its first word?
  24. Answer: Around 12 months of age
  25. Which body part do babies not have at birth?
  26. Answer: Kneecaps
  27. How many bones does a newborn have at birth?
  28. Answer: 300 bones
  29. On average, how many diapers does a newborn use in the first year?
  30. Answer: between 2,000 and 2,200 diapers
  31. How long does it take for a disposable diaper to decompose?
  32. Answer: 500 years

If the questions seem too difficult for the baby shower guests, you can opt for multiple-choice trivia questions.

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What Is the Most Popular Baby Shower Trivia Game?

Here are some of the most popular baby shower trivia games:

  • Name That Baby Item Game: In this game, you present guests with a range of baby items such as onesies, bottles, bibs, and so on, and they have to guess each item’s name.
  • Guess the Baby Food: Guests have to guess the flavor of baby food only by looking or smelling at some unlabeled jars containing pureed baby food.
  • Guess the Baby Price Tag: This game involves guessing the price of different baby items like strollers, cribs, etc.
  • Guess the Nursery Rhyme: Here, you present the baby shower guests with a few lines from well-known nursery rhymes and have them guess the title or complete the rhyme.
  • Guess the Celebrity Baby: In this game, participants are presented with pictures of celebrity babies and have to guess who their famous parents are.
  • Baby Word Scramble: Guests are given a list of scrambled baby-related words and asked to unscramble them correctly.

Baby shower trivia is a great way to get the guests involved in the event and have fun. You can pick from any of the games listed above or make up your own. With some creativity, you can create exciting trivia questions that will generate laughter!

No game of baby shower trivia is complete without great prizes for the winners! Be sure to check out these great ideas for baby shower game prizes.


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