How to Play Diaper Pong

diaper pong

There’s no better way to spice up a baby shower than playing baby shower games. Diaper pong is one of the best games to include in your baby shower activities, especially if you have a coed baby shower.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to play diaper pong with your guests!

How Do You Play the Game Diaper Pong?

Diaper pong is a straightforward baby shower game you play by tossing balls into diaper baskets.

The diapers are attached to a large cardboard (or tri-fold poster board) at equal distances. Also, they have different scorecards, ranging from 25 to 100 points. You earn points for each shot, and the winner is the person with the highest score.

It’s a fun game that your baby shower guests will enjoy. It’s also fascinating for guys as they test their hit and target skills.

This game is similar to beer pong, but instead of tossing the ping pong balls into cups, you aim for diaper baskets.

Diaper pong is an ideal game for guys at a baby shower party since it is low prep and a ton of fun. So, you can get everyone playing, even if they aren’t so much into baby shower games.

What Do You Need for Diaper Pong?

Since diaper pong is low prep, you only require a few materials to set it up. These include:

  • Game instructions  – The game is pretty straightforward, but you’ll want to make sure everyone is up to speed and knows how to get started.
  • Big cardboard – or a tri-fold poster board
  • Diapers (about 9) – can be of any size.
  • Pushpins or hot glue gun – to pin or fix the diapers on the board
  • Ping pong balls (about 10) – can be blue, pink, or white, depending on whether it’s a baby boy’s, baby girl’s, or gender-neutral baby shower.
  • Decorations – for example, colored paper, flowers, and ribbons, depending on the baby shower theme.
  • Scorecards – these can range from 25 to 100
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You can have extra accessories like themed stickers to ace your diaper pong game. For instance, include pumpkin, fall leaves, and flower decorations if you’re hosting a fall-themed baby shower.

Moreover, you can have golden paper, cut out the letters’ Diaper Pong’ and stick them at the top of the board.

diaper pong
Diaper pong makes for a fun, easy to set up baby shower game!

What Are the Rules for Diaper Pong?

Diaper pong has a few rules to make the game orderly and interactive.

First, play the game in rounds from 1 to 3.

Every round involves players tossing ping pong balls into pinned diapers, each with a scorecard. The cards have a certain number of points indicated, with the lowest at the bottom of the board.

Second, the players should stand a few yards from the board and throw the balls, targeting a nappy basket.

Here’s how the game plays out:

  1. In the first round, divide the players into equal teams. Let each player throw two balls at the diaper baskets. The player from each group with the highest score proceeds to the next round.
  2. In round two, each player tosses two balls at the diaper baskets. Unlike the first round, the two players with the highest scores advance to the final round.
  3. In round three, each player throws two balls at the diaper baskets. Then, the person with the highest score emerges as the winner.

If there’s a tie, the two players throw a ball each. And the one who gets the highest score wins the game.

What Are Some Other Games to Play at a Baby Shower?

Aside from baby pong, you can have other party games at your baby shower. There are many fun and unique baby shower games you can try out.

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The Dirty Diaper Game

This is a fun but may be hard for those with weak stomachs. It involves melting different candy chocolate bars on clean diapers and letting the guests guess what type they are. The players sniff or taste the melted candy bar as they record their win or loss on scorecards. And the winner is the person with the highest score.

Blindfolded Diaper Station

Set up a diaper changing station using baby dolls, teddy bears, and several diapers. Then, let guests show how well they can change baby diapers while blindfolded.

Baby Bottle Chug Game

This game is typical in coed and dad baby showers. The host fills a beverage of choice (usually beer) in baby bottles. Then, participants race to finish it in the shortest time. The winner bags the baby shower prize.

Pass the prize game

Also known as the “Pass the centerpiece,” this exciting baby shower game will keep guests on their toes. And there are many versions to suit your baby shower theme. It involves passing around a baby shower centerpiece as the guests sing a nursery rhyme. And the guest who’ll be holding it when the song ends emerges the winner and walks home with the prize.

M & M guess game

This is a super easy baby shower game where you fill plastic baby bottles with M&Ms (and note the number). Then, have the guests guess the number. The winner is the one with the closest guess.

The diaper raffle game

The diaper raffle game is one of the most common low-prep baby shower games. Guests have to bring diapers as baby shower gifts to get raffles. And the lucky one walks home with a prize. The diapers can also be part of the baby shower decor, for instance, in making diaper cakes. The mom-to-be is all stocked up when the baby arrives.

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Baby stroller Olympics

This is a super fun coed baby shower game. It involves setting up a racing area with obstacles and having players carry baby dolls in strollers. The winner is the first person to get to the finish line without dropping the baby.

Baby shower emoji game

This game is great for a modern multi-generational party. It involves having emojis represent different nursery rhymes. Then, the guests have to figure out the nursery rhymes and earn points for correct guesses.

Feed the baby

Feed the baby is perfect for coed baby showers. Each couple chooses who should be the ‘baby,’ and the other partner becomes the feeder. The feeders are blindfolded, and the ‘babies’ have their arms tied up. The winner is the person who finishes feeding the ‘baby’ first.

Pop the belly

Pop the belly is an incredibly fun and simple for gender reveal parties. It involves popping balloons to show the baby’s gender. So, the winner is the person who pops the correct balloon.

Now that you have plenty of great ideas for games, don’t forget these great ideas for baby shower game prizes.


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