Excellent Baby Shower Games for Large Groups


When people gather for large celebrations, more time, energy, and effort is needed to prepare food and drinks. Including some exciting baby shower game ideas to make it more memorable and fun for everyone. 

There’s no need to worry if you think the games will stress you out because there are also games that are exclusively for guests, but you’ll still get to enjoy them anyway when you watch them do their antics.

What Are Some Fun Baby Shower Games for Large Groups?

If you need help keeping your guests entertained, check out these great ideas for large-group baby shower games. Feel free to add twists to these games and create your unique set.

Baby Charades

Make teams of guests and have them act out different baby-related words such as sleep, diaper change, and feeding, among other things. You may also include themes such as baby milestones, baby essentials, parenthood woes, nursery rhymes, and kid-friendly shows. 

Baby Shower Bingo

Print out some bingo cards with baby-related words or pictures, and have guests try to match the words and pictures with the items on their cards.

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baby shower games for large groups
Baby shower bingo is a fun and simple game for a large group.

Diaper Derby

Divide guests into teams and have them race with a diaper full of candy from one end to the other.

Name That Baby Tune

Prepare a playlist with at least ten songs. Play some familiar nursery rhymes and have everyone guess the correct title. Whoever has the most number of correct guesses wins.

Baby Shower Memory Game

Prepare covered or boxed pairs of printable baby items and have guests identify the matching items.

Diaper Changing Race

Try this one if you want a hilarious baby shower game that matches your baby shower theme. Prepare some baby dolls or plastic babies wearing “dirty diapers.”

The participants have to change the diapers on the baby dolls. If you want to have it in relay format for more participants, the next person will have to do the same, and so on.

The first person or first team to finish wins.

baby shower games for large groups
Add an extra twist to the diaper changing race and make everyone do it blindfolded!

What Are Some Baby Shower Games that Don’t Need a lot of Supplies?

Suppose you need more time, energy, or funds to gather all the items required for some baby shower games. No need to worry; you can choose from plenty of fun and memorable baby shower games that don’t require a lot of supplies or setup.

Guess the Baby Items

Have guests guess the items in the mom-to-be’s diaper bag (such as baby bottles, pacifiers, onesies, and bibs). You may divide the entire group into two teams or have individuals or duos guess the items.

Let the participants take turns guessing one baby item at a time and tally the score when they mention something in the bag. The person or group who correctly guesses more items inside the bag wins the game. 

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Prepare some Amazon gift cards, keepsakes, clothespins, and other similar random items that may still be related to new baby care to break the tie.

Baby Word Scramble

Print out or project baby-related words on the wall (but in jumbled letter format). Have the guests unscramble them and guess the words.

Baby Photo Matching

Print out or project pairs of baby photos of the mom and dad and other family members and encourage the guests to try to match them with the correct names.

Name the Baby

Divide everyone into teams and let them list down potential baby names that are correct answers for the parents-to-be within a time limit.

Guess the Baby Food

Put some baby food items in jars, blindfold the participants, and let everyone guess what type of food it is.

baby shower games for large groups
Guess the Baby Food is sure to keep your guests laughing and having fun.

Guess Who?

Guess Who? is a variation of the baby photo matching game. Gather baby pictures of everyone in the room and let the guests guess who’s who.

What Can You Do Instead of Games at a Baby Shower?

Suppose you’re not interested in playing games. In that case, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from that will make the entire event enjoyable for everyone. Aside from this, these baby shower activities will help make the whole experience worthwhile for all the attendees.

We included three of the easiest ones that you may choose from:

Art Session

Suppose you prefer to do something instead of playing baby shower games. Why not organize a craft and DIY activity? Have everyone make baby items such as headbands and onesies or create wall art for the nursery. 

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Entertainment Segment

You can also do some storytelling or sing-along sessions to keep everyone entertained. Want a twist to the usual? Let the baby shower guests sing the songs in a rock version or ballad format, and be prepared for the silly renditions.

Open Forum

Another option is to organize an “ask the mother-to-be” session where everyone can ask the mom-to-be and dad-to-be their thoughts and opinions on parenthood. This idea is a great way to create conversations, discuss tips and tricks, and share stories.

The parents-to-be may also ask the guests of honor some pressing questions they have in mind. They can freely listen to the insights, trivia, and advice for them and get feedback on the things they need to work on to better prepare for the upcoming birth of the baby.

Those who participated may join the raffle or other similar party games. This activity is also a good segment for virtual baby showers.

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