Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Want to Win

Baby Shower Game Prizes

If you want to make your guests feel appreciated, offer baby shower game prizes that they’ll actually want to win. Baby shower games are a great way to make your event fun and memorable. You’ll want to show gratitude to your guests by gifting them some special prizes. Moreover, having these prizes for the winners will make the games even more fun.

What Prizes Do You Give out at a Baby Shower?

There are plenty of options for baby shower game prizes, but some great suggestions include gift cards, budget-friendly DIY ideas, themed gifts, goodies, and door prizes.

Don’t worry about breaking the bank, as there are loads of budget-friendly prizes to wow your guests. We’ve got you covered on simple, inexpensive, and cute baby shower game prize ideas to entice your guests to participate in all the fun activities.

What Are the Best Prizes to Give out at Baby Shower Games?

When choosing baby shower game prizes, consider thoughtful and unique items that can preferably remind the winners of the fantastic baby shower you organized.

5 Simple Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas

Check out our list of 5 gift ideas that are simple and inexpensive but sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces after winning those games.

#5 Gift Cards

Choosing a prize that everyone will love or use can be challenging. It would be a waste for guests to win something they’ll probably dump in their trash cans immediately after the party. Then how about handing them gift cards from their favorite retailers or local coffee shop?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Amazon: There’s no need to go overboard with this simple but valuable game prize. You can get Amazon gift cards for as low as $5. Let the winners smile all the way home as they plan to redeem and purchase their desired product. You can also customize each gift card with a personalized touch to make it extra special.
  • Starbucks: Who doesn’t love a flavorful cup of coffee? Let your baby shower game winners feel appreciated by treating them with a Starbucks gift card. Coffee lovers will be ecstatic to use them to buy their favorite Starbucks coffee.
  • Gender neutral: These gift cards are perfect for hosting a co-ed baby shower. Go for a movie, restaurant, or a Visa gift card set that will allow your guests to unwind.
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#4 DIY Baby Shower Game Prizes

Want to make your baby shower game prizes extra special without hurting your budget? DIY treats will come in handy, mainly because they’re thoughtful, practical, and inexpensive. And they don’t even have to be complicated, as you can make funny or simple handmade goodies to woo your guests.

Here are some of the best DIY baby shower game prizes to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Mason jars: A mason jar is the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ container. You’ll be amazed by the exciting projects you can do with these jars to make valuable game prizes. So, get your mason jars all cleaned up and place your choice of the themed gift inside, including a cute manicure set, cookie mix, tea packets, chocolate, or brownies. Then, screw the lid on, tie a pretty ribbon (or bow) around the jar, and add a baby shower-themed tag, like “From Our Shower to Yours” or “You Nailed It.”
  • Bath bombs: Who wouldn’t enjoy a fizzy bath after a long day? DIY bath bombs are an effortless way to pamper your baby shower guests after participating in the games. They’re easy to make, and you can customize them using different scents and colors. A tag like “You’re the Bomb” would be a cherry on top.
  • Picture frame: Your guests would love to reminisce the memories of your special event. So, make a quirky picture frame for the winner and add an extra bit of pizzazz with a personalized message. Get some inspiration on how to craft your picture frame on Esty.

#3 Themed Gift Sets

You can stick to your baby shower theme even with the game prizes and get the winners reminiscing about your baby shower months or years after the special event.

Sample unique and thoughtful baby shower game prize ideas below; your fingers will be itching to try them out!

  • Try gift bags or gift baskets: These are ideal game prizes if you’ve got some cash to splurge on your baby shower. Send the winners home with lovely themed gift bags full of goodies, such as fancy toiletries or edible treats. Or have gift baskets packed with valuable items that match baby shower themes, such as jungle, beach, camping, nautical, outdoors, or summer.
  • Pamper your winners: We could all use pampering, especially after an engaging event. So, give your baby shower winners some bragging rights with a luxury spa treatment gift set. Wrap baby shower-themed products in a folded towel, including lip balm, lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, bath salts, and body wash. Then, tie a ribbon around them to make top-notch prizes the winners will love.
  • Include a manicure set: Your female guests would love a mani-pedi set for game prizes. You can have prizes that match your baby shower theme in the manicure set, such as nail polish, nail file, and hand lotion.
  • Go the wine way: A bottle of wine is a perfect baby shower game prize. You can treat your guests to mini bottles of sparkling wine or give each winner a good quality wine, like Prosecco or Champagne. And you can incorporate themed wine glasses and funny tags, such as “He/She’s About to Pop!” or “Baby-making Potion” into your wine gift basket.
  • Favor coffee lovers: Who doesn’t love coffee? Gift your baby shower game winners custom coffee mugs or pretty drink tumblers. Make them extra special by adding personalized messages. Plus, you can use them as gift baskets by adding coffee packets, Starbucks gift cards, candies, flavored tea sachets, or portioned cocoa ingredients.
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#2 Goodies

Most of us have a soft spot for treats, including your guests. So, let them take home sweet goodies that will help them unwind after an eventful day. You can use your creative baking hand if you’re on a tight budget and have the time. Or you can order baked goodies from your trusted baker and customize them to match your baby shower theme.

  • Cupcakes: These are inexpensive game prizes that the winners will enjoy. Set a basket full of little, colorful cupcakes. Or you can put a handful of themed cupcakes on a transparent sheet, tie a pretty ribbon around it, and add a personalized message.
  • Chocolate: You can never go wrong with chocolate as your game prize. Have assorted chocolate bars like Dove, Hershey’s, Ferrero Rocher, Snickers, and Tootsie Roll. You wrap them nicely in a gift bag or place them in a mason jar.
baby shower game prizes
Sweets are a great crowd pleaser for any baby shower game prize!

#1 Door Prizes

Want to break the ice as guests stream into your baby shower? Door prize games are a fun way to welcome them to your party. Here are some door prize game ideas that don’t suck.

  • Scented candles: Trigger your guests’ competitive spirits by gifting them scented candles as they arrive at your baby shower venue. These sweet-smelling candles are prizes your guests will definitely want to win. And you can have a customized selection of candles-of different scents, colors, and shapes and allow your guests to choose their favorites.
baby shower game prizes
Scented candles are a fun, affordable option for door prizes at your baby shower!
  • Bottle of wine: This door prize is a massive hit for wine lovers. A bottle of champagne accompanied by a champagne wine glass would be a perfect door prize your guests will talk about. You can also tie a colorful ribbon or paper straw around the bottle for extra cuteness.
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baby shower game prizes
If your guests love a nice glass of wine, why not include your favorite bottle as a prize for your shower?
  • Succulent: Potted plants are thoughtful and incredible gifts since they symbolize growth. So, they would be ideal door prizes for a spring baby shower. And you don’t have to spend much on succulents when you can purchase a plant pot and some seeds for the winners to plant at home.
baby shower game prizes
Plants are an incredibly original idea for a baby shower door prize.

What Are Some Common Games to Play at a Baby Shower?

Games add pomp, laughter, and fun to social events, and a baby shower is no exception. Are your guests not acquainted with each other? Incorporate these fun-filled games into your baby shower and have your guests interact and have a good time like good old friends.

  • Printable games: You can’t go wrong with printable baby shower games, like the Candy Bar Game, where guests match baby or pregnancy terms with candy bars. And the most exciting part is that the candy bars can double as the game prizes. Who Knows Mommy Best is another popular printable baby shower game. It’s easy, fun, and cheap to set up. Plus, you can have inexpensive DIY baby bottle trophies to celebrate the winners.
  • Diaper raffle: Do you want a fancier game for your baby shower? The diaper raffle is a fun-filled baby shower game that’s also useful to the parents-to-be and the baby. You can inform your guests during the invitation that the baby shower will have a diaper raffle. Then, let them exchange diaper packs upon arriving at the venue for a chance to win the game.
  • Party game: Like other parties, a baby shower should have everyone in a good mood. And you can encourage your guest to break the ice by participating in exhilarating games, like How Old is She? My Water Broke! or What’s Mommy Craving?

Looking for more baby shower ideas? Check out these great suggestions for baby shower venues!


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