How to Play the Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

baby shower candy bar game

Hosting a baby shower can be fun, but it can also be stressful. There are so many details to cover combined with the dread that guests may grow bored.

If you’re looking for ideas to keep your guests laughing and entertained for your entire shower, then consider playing some great baby shower games. The options are endless, and the right games will make sure your guests have a great time at your party.

So, be sure to add this great idea to your list: the baby shower candy bar game!

How Do You Play the Candy Bar Baby Shower Game?

The candy bar baby shower game is a simple game that requires minimal preparation. To begin, you will need to purchase around 15 candy bars in standard size.

You may choose candy bars that start with the same or different letters. 

Then, attach each candy bar to a cardstock with a short saying or rhyme that hints at the specific candy bar.

The card may be a free printable baby shower game template that you found online. Make sure you can do an instant download to make the preparation easier.

Next, you will need to distribute the cards to each guest at the baby shower and let them guess what candy bar is described in each card. You may determine a preset time for everyone to finish their guessing or until someone correctly guesses all the candy bars.

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The player who can correctly guess all the candy bars will win the game. Of course, a sweet reward awaits the winner, such as a unique baby shower gift or some chocolates. Make sure to have an answer key ready just in case someone asks for it.

baby shower candy bar game
To play this game, make sure that you stock up on plenty of candy bars!

What Are the Rules for the Candy Bar Diaper Game?

To play the candy bar dirty diaper game, you will need diapers and a variety of candy bars. The larger your group, the more candy bars you will need to have.

Before your guests arrive, melt one of the candy bars in each diaper. You can do this by putting the candy bar inside of each diaper in the microwave for approximately 15-30 seconds.

When your guests are ready to play, pass around the “dirty” diapers and have the participants identify the kind of candy bar melted inside of each diaper. The first person to correctly identify the candy bar inside the diaper wins that round. The person to guess the most correct candy bars wins the game.

What Candy Bars Do You Use for the Game?

When deciding on the candy bars to use for the game, it is best to go for the classic and standard ones. Those well-known are excellent choices as participants are able to guess them. Some examples are Milky Way, Snickers, Butterfinger, Musketeers, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Twix, Lifesavers, Runts, KitKat, Whoppers, and Twizzlers.

You can also get some fun-sized ones with the same classic choices and attach them to different cards. Doing this would make the game more exciting and challenging for your guests.

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baby shower candy bar game
Can your guests identify these candy bars with just a few simple clues?

What Are the Different Variations of the Baby Shower Candy Bar Game?

Aside from the classic version of the baby shower candy bar game, there are other variations where you can keep the guests entertained. One variation is giving the guests a list of terms, poems, or quotes related to the candy bars. The guests must then connect the words with the appropriate candy bars.

Another version is that you can make the game into a word scramble. In this variation, you will need to scramble the letters for each candy bar and let the guests unscramble the letters. This will add more challenge and excitement to the game.

You may also use a set of dice in another variation of the baby shower candy bar game. Still, this one will require you to explain the details as patiently as possible. If you’re going for this one, ensure the guests are up to it.

However you wish to play the baby shower candy bar game, it will be a lot of fun and delicious way to entertain your guests.

Plus, it will make for a great baby shower keepsake, as you can give away something special when the game is over. The guests may even opt for another round of candy matches if they had a lot of fun.

How Many Games Do You Play at a Baby Shower?

The number of free baby shower games depends on the type of shower that you’re hosting. If you have a traditional baby shower with lots of activities, you will want to play a maximum of four party games.

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Just remember that whatever you decide on, the games should be fun and engaging. This way, you can ensure that all your guests will have a great time at the baby shower.

It is also essential to have a mix of different fun baby shower games so everyone can participate and have fun. It would be best to include both active and inactive games.

As you prepare your games, you will want to be sure to have great prizes for the winners. Be sure to check out this guide to great baby shower game prizes.


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