Do You Know Who to Invite to a Baby Shower?

who to invite to a baby shower

If you’re introverted, we get you. We also fully understand that it’s worthwhile to be with the people who will matter the most in the long run when it comes to intimate celebrations. This article will teach you more about what to consider when inviting people to your baby shower party. You will also know what to remember regarding etiquette and the types of people to send invitations to. 

What Are Some Things to Consider When Deciding Who to Invite to a Baby Shower?

Decide on Your Guest List

Start by deciding who you want to invite and who can attend. Make sure to keep the list limited. Consider guests who will add value to the occasion, such as family members and close friends.

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who to invite to a baby shower
When determining the guest list, be sure to start with friends and family who are closest to the new parents.

Decide on a Location

Make sure the location you choose is easily accessible and comfortable for everyone.

Set a Date

Choose a date that is convenient for all the guests. Also, keep in mind the time of day so that guests will have the energy to participate in the festivities.

Send Out Invitations

Invite guests at least two weeks in advance so that they can plan for the day. Check out this detailed guide for more information on when to send out baby shower invites.

Include RSVPs

To make your event planning easier, include RSVPs with your invitations to know who’s coming and who’s not so you can plan accordingly.

How Many Guests Should Be at a Baby Shower?

It’s up to you how many people you want to invite. Remember that a larger group may require you to rent a larger venue for the party.

Who Should You Invite to a Baby Shower?

You should invite family members and close friends to the baby shower. If the mom-to-be has very close friends or relatives that live out of town, consider asking them as well. Generally, it is considered polite to avoid inviting people you rarely interact with and those who might not be close to the expectant mother.

Should You Invite Out-of-Town Guests to a Baby Shower?

It’s acceptable to invite out-of-town guests to a baby shower. However, make sure to send out the invitations with plenty of notice, so the guests have enough time to make travel arrangements. Please provide information about nearby lodging and possible travel options.

Do You Invite Aunts and Uncles to a Baby Shower?

Yes, you may invite aunts or uncles to a baby shower, depending on the closeness of your relationship with them. However, if the relationship is more distant or the mother does not know them very well, it’s best to omit them from the invitation list.

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Etiquette for Sending Out Baby Shower Invitations

You should send invitations at least two weeks in advance. Include a clear RSVP option so that you can plan. Also, include specific information such as the date, time, and address of the party on the invitation.

Who Do You Address the Baby Shower Invitation To?

Address invitations to the individual or family that you are inviting. Make sure the information is clear, including the names of all family members you invite.

How Do You Address a Baby Shower Card Envelope?

Address envelopes to the individuals or the family that you are inviting. Make sure to include names and titles, such as Mr. and Mrs. or Dr., so the invitation is directed to the right people.

who to invite to a baby shower
Make sure your invitations are properly addressed and give clear RSVP instructions.

Other Baby Shower Etiquette to Consider

Consider the season and the weather. Consider hosting your baby shower outdoors depending on the time of year and the region where you live.

While bringing and opening gifts is not a requirement, getting a baby shower gift for the party is good etiquette. Thank each person who came to the shower and gave a gift, either verbally or with a thank-you card.

What Are Some of the Gifts You Should Give at a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a great way to provide the new baby with the essentials they will need in the first few months. Some of the most appreciated gifts are practical, such as diapers, wipes, baby clothes, bottles, and toys. Other popular gifts, such as books, stuffed animals, and baby-themed decorations, are fun and surprising.

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What Should You Do if You Don’t Know the Baby’s Gender?

If you don’t know the gender of the baby, it is okay to give gender-neutral gifts. These can include items such as onesies, receiving blankets, and rattles. Gender-neutral colors such as yellow, green, and white are safe bets. If you’re feeling creative, try creating a more creative gender-neutral gift.

Should You Have a Theme for a Baby Shower?

Having a theme for a baby shower is not a requirement, but it can be a great way to make the event more fun and memorable. Popular themes for baby showers include animals, colors, hobbies, and fairy tales. Some parents-to-be may even have a specific theme, such as a traditional baby shower or a gender reveal party.

What Are Some Ideas for Baby Shower Games?

Baby shower games are a great way to entertain the guest of honor and create an enjoyable atmosphere. Popular baby shower games include the following:

  • Diaper Derby: A race with rolled-up diapers
  • Baby name matching: Matching baby names to specific items
  • Guessing games: Guessing the mom-to-be’s due date and weight

For a more thorough list of games, check out this great guide to baby shower games.

Who Is Traditionally Supposed to Host a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, the co-ed baby shower is hosted by the mother-to-be’s closest female friends, in-laws, close family members, best friends, loved ones, and of course, the parents. However, others, such as the father-to-be and the mother’s coworkers, may participate in the planning process and act as shower hosts.


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