When to Have a Baby Shower: 5 Questions To Pick the Perfect Date

When to have a baby shower

There’s no better way of showering a mom-to-be with love, good wishes, and gifts (of course!) than organizing a baby shower to celebrate her new baby. But there’s one major question you need to tackle when planning a baby shower.

When is the best time to hold the baby shower?

To ease your burden, we’ve answered the five most commonly asked questions about baby shower timing to give tips on picking the perfect date for your loved one’s special day.

Deciding When To Have A Baby Shower

1. What Is The Best Time For A Baby Shower?

The best time to have a baby shower is when the celebration is most convenient for the guests and parents-to-be.

There’s no hard or fast rule on when to hold a baby shower. However, the most appropriate time to organize a baby shower is around four to six weeks before the little one’s due date.

It’s a typical belief that the mother-to-be is the guest of honor at a baby shower. Hence, ensuring she is in a position to enjoy the party without feeling uncomfortable makes sense. If the mom-be is coming in from out of town, she may need to do so while she can safely travel.

Mom at baby shower

Therefore, you need to find a sweet spot for when to hold this joyous event.

While you don’t have to strictly stick to the baby shower etiquette rules when planning the perfect date, it would help to consider what’s best for the expectant parents and the guests.

The ideal time to hold this special event depends on several factors, including:

  • The parents-to-be religious or cultural beliefs – Some people don’t celebrate a new baby or accept gifts until the bundle of joy is born. Hence, they would prefer a celebration after welcoming their little one.
  • Time of the year – The guests’ availability will sometimes depend on the time of the year. Most guests will have other plans or commitments around the holiday season and significant events. Still, the mom-to-be may not want the party to coincide with some festivities.
  • The expectant mother’s health or pregnancy condition – The baby shower won’t be perfect if the mom-to-be is experiencing a difficult pregnancy. In that case, it’s more thoughtful to hold the celebration after the baby is born.
  • The type of baby shower – The ideal date might depend on what kind of baby shower you’re organizing. Preparing the perfect timing for a traditional baby shower might be more challenging than a virtual baby shower.
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2. How Early Is Too Early For A Baby Shower?

Most people consider a baby shower date too early if the expectant mother is in her first trimester (0 -13 weeks) or early second trimester (14 – 20 weeks).

Too early or just right
First-trimester baby showers are too early

The first phase of pregnancy is also the riskiest since there are higher chances of a miscarriage. Since pregnancies vary, it’s better to hold a baby shower when the pregnancy is advanced and more likely to go full-term.

Typically, a mom-to-be would want to have the party when her baby bump is showing for the perfect photos. Also, she would require enough time to draft her baby registry and let her close friends and family members know before they attend the baby shower.

Having a baby shower in the late second semester (21 – 26 weeks) might be early, but not too early. And the expectant parents will appreciate it if the baby shower’s timing allows:

  • The mom-to-be to enjoy the day when she’s still full of energy.
  • The parents-to-be have ample time after the baby shower to buy other necessities they didn’t receive during the event.
  • The expectant parents assemble baby shower gifts that come in multiples, set up the baby’s nursery, and send thank-you notes to their guests.

3. Is 30 Weeks Too Early For A Baby Shower?

Thirty weeks isn’t too early for a baby shower, as the pregnancy is in the third trimester.

Baby shower for boy

At 30 weeks, the pregnancy is well advanced, but the mom-to-be isn’t too close to the due date (although some can go into early labor around this time). Although pregnancies differ, most expectant mothers are comfortable having the party at 30 weeks.

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At 30 weeks, the expectant parents may already know their baby’s gender. So, they’d be open to coupling the baby shower with their gender reveal.

In addition, the parents-to-be have all the time to go through their gift registry. That way, they can confirm if there are any extra items they need to get before the baby’s arrival.

And if it’s not their first baby, they may prefer having a low-key event or a baby sprinkle.

So, whatever the case, it would help to confirm if the parents-to-be would appreciate having the baby shower at 30 weeks.

4. How Late Is Too Late For A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is too late if it happens only a few days before the baby’s arrival.

It’s baby shower etiquette that a shower is held during the third trimester. However, it’s also this phase in pregnancy when the mom-to-be experiences backaches, abdominal pain, fatigue, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Hence, you don’t want to plan for the event too close to the due date as the expectant mother won’t be in her best self.

What’s more, you can have her going into early labor and delivering the baby before the expected date from excitement.

Mom in labor
Mom going into labor

A baby shower will be a little too late if the expectant mother lacks the energy to relish the party. So, she’ll probably be too tired and need total bed rest.

In summary, a baby shower is too late if:

  • The mother-to-be is rundown or experiencing discomfort due to the advanced pregnancy.
  • The expectant parents don’t have enough time to open the gifts or thank the guests.
  • There are high chances of the mom-to-be going into early labor (from the surprise) or the baby popping up before the baby shower.

5. When Should A Baby Shower Be Held?

If you’re planning your best friend’s or family member’s baby shower, you should hold it when the timing works for everyone (or the most important guests).

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The baby shower’s date will be ideal if the planners have ample time to:

  • Confirm with the parents-to-be about their preferred date and venue
  • Make a guest list and confirm the guests’ attendance.
  • Draft and send baby shower invitations (four to six weeks before the event)
  • Receive the expectant parents’ gift registry and send it to the guests

Although it can be daunting to settle on a date that suits everyone, it’s best to go for what works with the majority.

And you can break it down by considering the best time of the year, day of the week, and time of the day.

So, here are a few tips on the most appropriate time to hold the baby shower:

  • Time of the year: Some people love having baby showers during spring or summer since they can enjoy the outdoors. But you can also hold a winter baby shower and relish indoor coziness around a fireplace. But most people would rather not have the event during the festivities.
  • Time of the week: Typically, most celebrations, including baby showers, occur during weekends. That way, even guests out of town can travel and make it to the event. However, if the parents-to-be and most guests work from home, they might be okay with having a weekday event. So, it helps to check everyone’s availability in advance.
  • Time of the day: Traditionally, many baby showers are held in the late afternoons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a brunch baby shower. That way, you’ll have all the time to play baby shower games and have fun. You may also opt for a late evening baby shower if the new parents (if it’s a co-ed) wouldn’t mind hosting guests for dinner. There’s no hard or fast rule on the perfect time to have a baby shower. What matters is that the mom-to-be has the time of her life, and the guests shower her with all the love as they wait for the new bundle of joy.

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