5 Spooky Halloween Baby Shower Cake Ideas

baby shower halloween theme

A baby is brewing! If you are hosting a Halloween-themed baby shower, you may be searching for spooky baby shower cake inspiration. We are here to help! In this guide, we will share the perfect cake options to celebrate the arrival of the little boo!

Halloween Baby Shower Cake Ideas

If you are looking for various Halloween baby shower cake ideas, we are here to help. We will also share ideas for cake toppers and cake pops.

halloween baby shower cake
If you’re not sure what to do for a halloween baby shower cake, you can never go wrong with these great cupcakes.

Halloween Baby Shower Cake Decorations

There are so many ways to add a spooky look to your cake! Here are some Halloween baby shower ideas.


Use icing to add spiderwebs to your cake! You could add sprinkles to the top of the spiderweb icing to give it more dimension.

halloween baby shower cake
This spiderweb cake is a great idea for your halloween baby shower.


Add ghosts to any cake for a festive decoration! You can add plastic and candy ghosts or create ghosts out of frosting!

halloween baby shower cake
This simple chocolate cake with ghosts is a great cake for a halloween baby shower.


You can also use pumpkins as cake decorations! You can use pumpkin party decor, plastic pumpkins, candy pumpkins, or make pumpkins out of frosting.

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Halloween Baby Shower Cake Toppers

You can make any cake a little spookier by adding a cake topper! Here are a few ideas for festive cake toppers.

Little Boo

A little boo cake topper is a cute way to welcome a new baby! You can add this cake topper to a more straightforward-looking cake.

A Baby Is Brewing

This festive cake topper of a pregnant witch is ideal for a Halloween-themed baby shower cake! You could add this cake topper to a plain white frosted cake to make the topper stand out.

If the parents-to-be would rather, you could also make cupcakes! There are also a lot of options for cupcake toppers. Additionally, you could DIY the cupcakes yourself and create ghost cupcakes!

Halloween Baby Shower Cake Pops

Cake pops are another fun dessert idea if you want to switch it up. There are so many ways to decorate cake pops for Halloween! Read on for some of our favorite ideas:

  • Black and orange cake pops
  • Candy corn cake pops
  • Pumpkin cake pops
  • Ghost cake pops
  • Mummy cake pops
halloween baby shower cake
These halloween cake pops are sure to impress your guests!

Halloween Baby Shower Cakes for a Boy

If you need ideas for a Halloween boy cake, you are in luck! Check out our top picks here.

Blue Bat Cake

Use blue frosting or fondant, and then add bats down the side of the cake. This black and blue color theme is perfect for a Halloween party!

Oh Boy Cake

If you’re looking for a Halloween cake idea incorporating fall themes, this cake is for you! Use an “Oh boy” cake topper. Keep the cake simple with white frosting, and use orange cupcakes and orange pumpkins made out of frosting for decor.

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Halloween Baby Shower Cakes for a Girl

Are you looking for a Halloween baby shower cake inspiration for a girl? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

White And Pink Ghost Cake

Halloween cakes don’t have to be orange and black! Flip the script and make a feminine pink and white cake with ghosts! This cake is such a fun twist on a Halloween baby shower cake!

White And Pink Pumpkin Cake

Make a white cake and add a pink pumpkin on top! This cute white and pink-themed Halloween cake will impress your guests!

Gender Neutral Halloween Baby Shower Cakes

Almost any Halloween cake can be gender-neutral! Here are some ideas for a gender-neutral cake for a Halloween baby shower.

Little Monster Cake

Use a piping bag to make monster hair leap off of this cake! You can add eyes, a mouth, and even little horns to this monster. This cake is ideal for a little monster-themed baby shower!

halloween baby shower cake
Prepare everyone for the little monster coming this halloween with this adorable cake.

Expecting A Little Nightmare Cake

Use The Nightmare Before Christmas as inspiration for this cake! A black cake with lace detail will make this cake the star of the show!

Pro Tip: Any of these Halloween baby shower cakes would also make a fantastic centerpiece! Let your cake be the talk of the party!

What is a traditional color for a Halloween baby shower cake?

Traditional Halloween baby shower cake colors follow standard Halloween colors: black and orange.

However, just because those colors are often used doesn’t mean you are obligated to use them! Be creative and put your unique spin on your Halloween baby shower!

What Are the Most Popular Cake Flavors?

According to a recent survey, the most popular cake flavor is chocolate. In second place was vanilla, followed by strawberry and red velvet.

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Now that you have cake settled, be sure to check out more ideas for a halloween baby shower.


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