11 Baby Shower Cakes for a Baby Boy Party


Deciding on a baby shower cake can be stressful. Take the stress out of planning by checking out these tried-and-true cake ideas. Exploring a few choices might help you find the right baby shower cake for the new baby boy in your life.

Is There Supposed to Be Cake at a Baby Shower?

You can certainly choose to serve other desserts, but cake is traditionally served at a baby shower. Not only are they delicious, a beautifully decorated cake can serve as a wonderful centerpiece that will really pull your theme together.

Unsure about what kind of cake to serve? Check out these great ideas for cake flavors and decorating ideas that you’ll be sure to love!

What Is the Best Cake Flavor for a Baby Shower?

There are plenty of great options for cakes to choose from. Of course, your preference is what matters most, but here are a few great options you and your guest will love!


You can’t go wrong with a delicious chocolate cake. Find a great recipe for a chocolate cake and combine it with delicious chocolate frosting for an unforgettable baby shower cake.

Chocolate cake also goes with great dessert toppings like ice cream, strawberries, and other fruits.

White Cake

White cake is incredibly versatile. You can combine it with almost any flavor of frosting, and it goes great with fruit toppings as well. White cake with a vanilla frosting also provides a blank slate that is great for decorating.

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is a chocolate cake that includes red food coloring. It is traditionally paired with buttercream frosting instead of chocolate. This tasty variation on a chocolate cake is a fan favorite!

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Devil’s Food

Do you ever eat chocolate cake and wish there was even more chocolate? Then you’ll love devil’s food cake. Devil’s food cake is incredibly moist and will be a favorite for every chocoholic on your guest list!


It doesn’t get any more fun, festive, and colorful than funfetti cake! You can bake your funfetti from a mix sold in stores, or you can create your own adding sprinkles and other candies to your favorite white cake recipe.

What Do You Put on a Cake for a Baby Shower?

When it comes to choosing how you’d like to decorate your boy baby shower cake, you’ll want to consider you overall baby shower theme. Cakes double as a great edible centerpiece that can really pull your baby shower together. Check out some of the ideas below for great suggestions!

Hot Air Balloon

Consider trying something a little different for your baby shower. A Baby Boy Hot Air Balloon birthday cake is a great place to start. You can create the decorative part easily from home, and it’s a perfect addition to your baby shower theme. If you wish to make the film ‘UP’ theme to it, you can fill a balloon with helium and tie it with string to a basket of your choice, then add the birthday cake underneath it!

Teddy Bear

A Teddy bear is a fantastic cake choice, because you can easily change the color to fit your theme! Make it blue for a boy, pink for a girl, or choose whatever color will fit with the color palette for your party. The Teddy Bear is a GREAT birthday cake option to celebrate your little one.

baby shower cake
Changing the color of your teddy bear cake is as simple as changing the color of the frosting!

Animal Cakes

Animal Cakes are a wonderful cake idea for any baby shower. If you decide you don’t want to dedicate your entire cake to animals, you can add a few animal toys as a cake decoration instead.

There are countless cakes you can choose from, but here are a few fun animal cakes you can make:

  • Lion Cake
  • Sheep Cake
  • Dog Cake

Construction Vehicles

Consider creating a cake inspired by the children’s character, Bob, the Builder, by creating his trusted truck friends from the show! This would be ideal for your baby shower cake or a birthday cake, whichever you may need!

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If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could make a baby shower cake that looks like a digger. You can add to the creativity of this cake by filling it with items representing your baby boy. For example, in the digger section of the cake, you could put nappies, baby bottles, or even dummies inside to represent all of the items your baby boy will need. We think the whole family will love a unique cake design.

baby shower cake
You can also create a construction themed cake by adding elements like a dump and candy boulders to a traditional cake shape.

Twinkle Twinkle (Little Star)

The classic nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star is a great idea for a baby shower cake! This is a lovely and innocent way of representing your baby boy’s birth. You can decorate it with pieces of icing shaped like stars or even sprinkles. This would be a fantastic way to illustrate your nursery rhyme cake.

If you are feeling extremely creative, there are many ways to add a glow-in-the-dark effect to your buttercream star cake topper. All you need is tonic water. Freeze your cakes with the buttercream of your choice (which also has tonic water inside) and repeat the process until you shine a blacklight, and it will show the glow! You can follow these instructions to make the magic happen.

Baby is Landing!

If you’re feeling extra creative – a Baby is Landing cake could be a cake that is set on the moon with a toy baby coming out of a rocket ship. You could easily make it using a portrait-shaped cake and marzipan covered with astronaut figurines.

Nautical Themed Cake

Ahoy there, matey! A nautical party-themed cake could be the perfect choice for your baby boy’s baby shower-themed cake. Whether you ice on an anchor or place blue and white marzipan to represent the sea, there’s so much you can do with this themed baby shower cake. You don’t have to complicate it; it can be a simple DIY job from home. 

To add a little sea adventure theme to your baby shower cake, add a sailing boat on top of the blue marzipan for an extra flare to the decoration of the cake. You can pick up a toy sailing boat from your local toy store and add the ship and fish figurines to the cake as baby shower decorations.

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baby shower cake
A nautical theme cake can make for adorable centerpiece for your boy baby shower.

Do You Have to Have a Cake at a Baby Shower?

While cakes are a traditional dessert to offer at a baby shower, there are other great options available as well. Consider these options if you want to break from tradition and try something a little different!

Cake Pops

Are you trying to figure out how to serve a lot of guests at your baby shower? Break away from the traditional baby shower cake and create something more convenient and fun to eat. Cake Pops are a phenomenal way to entertain guests without messy knives and plates to clean up afterward!

They are like making a cake, except they require rolling after cooking and layered into a thick frosting. They have the convenience of a baby shower cupcake. Instead, they’re served on a stick and are easier to eat! These party cakes will be a hit with the whole family and friends. After cooking these Cake Pops, you won’t ever want to make another full-sized cake again. 

baby shower cake
Cake pops are a great, easy-to-eat option for your cake and provide endless options for decorating!


If you thought Cake Pops were a great idea, why not try simple Cupcakes? They are simple to make and easy to serve to your beloved guests. 

Cupcakes are a great way to add a variety of color to your party. You can keep it traditional by using blue frosting for a boy or mix it up by coloring the icing purple or green.

You can always go old school and add rice paper characters to the top of your cupcakes as a cupcake topper. Whether your little one will be a boy or girl, the idea of your cupcakes being simple and tasty to eat is what we think matters most.

There are countless options to choose from when selecting the best cake for your boy baby shower. Hopefully the options above will provide some inspiration for a cake that you and your guests will love!


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