Add a Personal Touch with Baby Shower Tags

baby shower tags

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one! If you are attending a baby shower, you may be looking for tips on presents and baby shower tags.

Baby shower tags are gift tags for baby shower presents that indicate who the gift is for and who it is from. Baby shower tags may also refer to favor tags for baby shower party favors.

Adding a unique tag to a baby shower gift or party favor is the perfect way to add an extra personal touch to your gift, so check out these great ideas for baby shower tags!

What Is the Purpose of a Baby Shower Tag?

The purpose of a baby shower gift tag is to share who the gift is for and who the gift is from. A baby shower tag could also serve as a place to write wishes to the parents-to-be.

baby shower tags
Use a baby shower tag to add a special message to your gift. You can use a simple tag like this one, or get creative!

What Should Be Written on the Tags?

On the baby shower tag, you should include the following information:

  • Who the gift is for
  • Who the gift is from
  • Any well-wishes or notes you’d like to include

Baby Shower Tags Ideas

You can add baby shower tags to wrapped presents or gift bags. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for baby shower gift tag inspiration! Here are some ideas:

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Hello Baby Gift Tag

Welcome baby with a “hello baby” gift tag! You can create your gift tag, or you can find a printable option. You can add other text or wording, such as “Can’t wait to meet your little one!”

Baby Onesie Shaped Gift Tag

Another creative gift tag idea is printing or cutting the gift tag into a shape of a onesie! You could use kraft paper, white cardstock, or any color cardstock for your onesie gift tag.

baby shower tags
These baby onesie cutouts make great tags for your baby shower gift.

Personalized Gift Tag

If you know the name or gender of the baby, you could create a personalized gift tag! For example, you could use a gift tag in the shape of the letter of the baby’s first name.

Pro Tip: Many printable gift tags are editable! You can add a personal touch to the tag by changing the font, colors, or other details. You could also print your gift tag onto a sticker for another fun option.

baby shower tags
A great way to make personalized tags is by starting with a plain tag and adding cute stickers like this bear in a baby carriage.

How to Make a Favor Tag for a Baby Shower?

If you want to make baby shower favor tags, this is a fun DIY project! You can make favor tags using cardstock and a free online printable or template. You could also create your design and print it out. Check out these ideas for baby shower favor tags.

baby shower tags
Adding personalized tags to your baby shower favors is a great way to show gratitude to your guests.

S’Mores Favor Tag

“Adding s’more love to our family” is an adorable party favor tag. Add graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to a clear party bag. Then secure the favor tag and tie the bag with ribbon or twine!

Watch Me Grow Favor Tag

A “watch me grow” favor tag is perfect for a small, succulent, or eucalyptus plant. You could tie the favor tag to the small plant with a piece of twine!

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Ready To Pop Favor Tag

This party favor tag is perfect to pair with a mini bottle of champagne! Adding a bottle tag and pink ribbon to the champagne is ideal for a baby girl shower!

Hey, Cutie Favor Tag

“Hey, cutie” is a simple but fun idea for a favor tag! This would be great for a boy baby shower, a girl baby shower, or even a gender-neutral baby shower. Pair the “hey cutie” favor tag with a dish towel, little soaps, or small clementines!

Where Can I Buy Baby Shower Tags?

You can find baby shower tags almost anywhere! Here are the top places we recommend looking for baby shower tags:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Your Favorite Party Supply Store

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Macy Westlund is a writer and contributor for Bespoke Baby Shower. Macy is the oldest of five and has a large extended family and has been attending baby showers for as long as she can remember.

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